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The pricing for our digital photo editing services is cost-effective and will suit your budget. We customize our photo editing fees for the requirements of each client and the volume of work.


Our fee model for your business could be based per hour, per image or as per the dedicated resources for the work. To know more, please contact us by clicking the Request for Quote button and fill in the form.


We request all our first-time customers to send us one photo for a free sample trial. This in turn makes it easier for us to understand your precise requirements and offer you the best quote. It also gives you an opportunity to assess our work and service.


Turnaround time for 2 images will be 24-48 hours (For more images it depends on Model skin,background issues & other difficult probelms in image)


At the end of the order process, you can make a payment via PayPal.

  • $10/image
  • Basic
  • Services include any or all of the following:


    Exposure & Color Correction
    Image Sharpening
    Red Eye Correction
    Straighten and Crop
    Remove Blemishes
    Under Eye Bag Removal

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  • $15/image
  • Advanced
  • Services include all of the Basic services, plus:


    Color & Contrast Enhancement
    Lines Under Eyes
    Remove Wrinkles
    Remove Stray Hair
    Skin Smoothing
    Whiten Teeth & Eyes
    Accentuate & Lighten Eyes
    Emphasize on Makeup

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  • $20/image
  • Detailed
  • Services include all of the Advanced services, plus:


    Detailed Color & Contrast Enhancement
    Detailed Blemish Removal
    Detailed Skin Smoothing
    Detailed Flyaway Hair Removal
    Digital Plastic Surgery
    Teeth Structure Fix
    Glamourization & Lighting
    Add/Remove Object
    Extend Background

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  • $30+/image
  • Manipulation
  • Services include all of the Detailed services, plus:


    Heavy Image Compositing
    Add/Remove Multiple Elements
    Special Effects
    Heavy Sculpting of Body or Facial Features

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Prices depend on the specifics of the assignment. Prices available per hour or we can work out a fixed price for a set number of pictures.